Meet our experts- Sheikh Magid Yousef El-Tater

Sheikh Dr. Magid Yousef El-Tater

Expertise: Islamic Financial Advisory, Shari’a Audit & Assurance

Sheikh Dr. Magid Yousef El-Tater has over 20 years of experience in Islamic Finance, Sharia supervision and structuring innovative Sharia compliant products in both Islamic banking sector as well as in Islamic charities and endowments.

He holds a Doctorate in Comparative Jurisprudence from AIC as well as Master’s degree in Islamic Finance from Durham University. He is also a Member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars

He holds a Bachelor of Law and Sharia from Qatar University .

Sheikh Dr. Magid Yousef El-Tater holds a number of Sharia licenses in Shafi’i Fiqh, including Safinatu al-Najat (Ark of Salvation – a classic manual of Islamic Doctrine and Jurisprudence according to the Shafi’i madhhab) and Matn Abi Shuja in addition to a license (ijazah) in the Hadrami Introduction to Shafi’i Fiqh. 

He also holds the general auditory license (ijazah sama’eyya) from His Eminence Sheikh Imam Muhammad Ali Al-Surraj Talib

Sheikh Magid’s previous work experience include being Head of Sharia Supervision and Sharia Controller at Qatar International Islamic Bank and Doha Bank’s Islamic banking subsidiary – Doha Islamic Bank for over 10 years. 

He also held the position of Sharia Board Member for Ta’adod Charity and Masraf Al Mal in Qatar. 

He also had numerous engagements with other Qatari Charities in which he held senior roles including at Al-Asmakh Foundation for Charitable Activities, Eid Charity Foundation and currently at the Qatari Red Crescent where he is the Coordinator of the Fatwa Committee and the Head of Public Resources Development Dept. 

Sheikh Magid is also the Executive member of the Fatwa and Shari’a Supervisory Board of IHYA in Turkey.

Research and studies, including:

Sheikh Dr. Magid Yousef El-Tater did many research and scientific studies specialized in Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Banking, for example;

The problem of early repayment in Islamic banks – a jurisprudential view.

Letter of guarantee in Islamic banks, a sharia and legal research
Documentary credits – their truth and their legal and jurisprudential aspects.

The al-maslahah al-mursalah (Considerations of Public Interest) according to usul scholars and its uses, old and new
Claims against the guarantor – a legitimate legal study.

Summary of Hawala (Transfer) provisions – legal Shari’e research.

Facilitating the Operations of Islamic Banks – Course.
The (Luqta) and its ruling in Islamic jurisprudence.

Facilitating the provisions of Zakat in Islamic jurisprudence – a course

Ruling on giving and feeding a non-Muslim from the (Adhha) sacrifice.

Sacrifice for the dead.
The jurisprudence of the sutra for worshipers