Meet our experts- Dr. Faris G. Faris

Dr. Faris G. Faris

Expertise: Education Management and Leadership

Dr. Faris G. Faris has over 22 years of experience in Education Management and Leadership.

He has an exemplary track record of exceeding target goals, international collaboration, turning around underperforming departments and driving increased performance as a Senior Education Leader, Dean, Executive Director, Associate Professor, and as an Engineer with proven track records in Strategic Planning, Change Management and Institutional Excellence.

Academically, Dr. Faris G. Faris holds a PhD degree in Built Environment and was promoted to Associate Professor of Civil Engineering in 2013. 

He supervised many PhD, Masters and Undergraduate students leading them to successful completion. As Head of Postgraduate programmes, he has developed three postgraduate programs and reviewed many more Internationally including PhD and Master programmes. 

Dr. Faris G. Faris has won many research grants and won prestigious international awards, authored books, and published more than 20 refereed journal papers.

He has a proven track records in Strategic Planning, Change Management and Institutional Excellence specialising in the development and implementation of effective business strategy focused on educational, fiscal and employee performance improvements. 

Possessing strong leadership skills, a keen eye for detail and a proven track record of thriving in highly pressurised and challenging environments. A clear and engaging communicator, with the ability to build and maintain strong relationships, to ensure the efficient delivery of requirements.

Areas of expertise:

  • Higher Education Management
  • TVET
  • Capability Building and Professional Coaching
  • Total Quality Management
  • Curriculum Design

Engineering Consultancies:

  • Water Resources Management
  • Water reclamation and Reuse
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Water Treatment Plants design

Dr. Faris G. Faris
Education Management and Leadership